The eyes of the Nation was on New Orleans 60 years ago when four 6-year old Civil Rights Pioneers took on Jim Crow and became the first African Americans to defeat segregation by successfully integrating formerly all white elementary schools in the Deep South on the morning. Leona Tate, Ruby Bridges, Tessie Prevost and Gail Etienne didn't stop with integrating elementary schools, together, they were steadfast in desegregating Junior High Schools and Senior High Schools. Their valiant commitment marked a major focal point in the history  of the American Civil Rights Movement. With worldwide attention focused on New Orleans they were front line soldiers in the Civil Rights Movement. 

The eyes of the world will once again be on the City of New Orleans for the launch of this monumental event. Become a Community Partner for this honorable and historic celebration. This event will have strong community support and like any events, this production would not be possible without the partnership of our Community Partners.  

If an individual, charitable foundation or company are interested in being a part of the New Orleans Four Legacy Weekend, we have various Partner Levels available. This event will be filmed Live to Tape (To Air Later).

Please review the Community Partnership Deck .PDF file and contact us regarding the level of Partnership you are interested in. You may print or download the file for your convenience.

Contact Person

All inquires concerning this Request For Community Partnership (RFCP) should be directed to:


Diedra Meredith

Senior Marketing Director/Executive Producer

Nola Event Planners and Productions

(504) 475 – 8383


Deadlines for Proposals

E-mailed proposals will be received by Diedra Meredith at the e-mail address listed until Friday, September 4, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. Each e-mailed proposal must list “Proposal for Community Partnership – (Diamond)” or “Proposal for Community Partnership – (Platinum)” and so forth in the subject line.


Please include your proposal requests for other benefits that best meet your needs. We will consider all reasonable requests, but we are under no obligation to approve any benefit other than those set forth for specific partner levels.


We are under no obligation to approve or accept any Community Partnership Proposal and reserve the right to exercise full discretion and editorial control over the placement, content, appearance, and wording of partnership affiliations and messaging.