Director's Brief

I and the team at Fish Pot Studios are proud we have the honor of paying it forward in producing this landmark made for television event to commemorate the Anniversary of Desegregation and the New Orleans Resistance Movement. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the 60th Anniversary weekend was cancelled and the completion of the city's FIRST Civil Rights Interpretive Center timeline was pushed back to 2022.


This year, for the 61st Anniversary, the Tate, Etienne and Prevost (TEP) Civil Rights Interpretive Center is on schedule to complete renovation on the anniversary of Desegregation on November 14, 2021  We will be filming this year's 61st anniversary milestone for the completion of the project and for the full circle moment, we will add the Pardoning of the first Freedom Rider Homer Plessy.

In Solidarity,

Diedra Meredith - Creator/Director

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Logline: Sunni Patterson hosts The New Orleans Four Legacy Tribute docuseries to honor and celebrate four little soldier girls and the powerful freedom fighters who moved before them and with them.


Synopsis: The New Orleans Four (Leona Tate, Ruby Bridges, Gail Etienne and Tessie Prevost) are the 6-year-old little soldier girls who became the LEGACY of the New Orleans Resistance Movement. As a part of the Anniversary of Desegregation, this docuseries tribute and celebration tells the story of the movement and how they became the youngest emissaries to execute desegregating schools in New Orleans and the Deep South.  On November 14, 1960, they became the first African Americans to defy the Jim Crow law of the land in the Deep South when they took those tint giant steps to integrate white only public schools. They rocked the nation and moved the world and brought it home for the first Freedom Rider Homer Plessy.

Thanks to the generous corporate gift from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, this project was made possible. The New Orleans Four Legacy Tribute is currently in production to air later. We've prepared a rough cut first look teaser for viewing only by persons given access to the password protected page.

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