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November 14, 2022 is New Orleans Four Day in New Orleans! On this 62nd Anniversary, we've launched a nationwide petition on the Color of Change platform. Our goal is to gather 1.4 million signatures to deliver to  Congress and the President of the United States. Once we have collected all the signatures we will deliver them on a modern day Freedom Ride by bus and by train to Washington D.C.

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We Need Captains! 

Our goal is to collect 1.4 million signatures and organize supporters of the petition for the Freedom Ride from New Orleans to Washington D.C by bus and by train. 

We need our Captains to first help us push the petition & organize our freedom ride by doing the following:

  • Follow New Orleans Legacy Project on social media

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  • Repost our posts and tag your  friends colleagues, friends and family 

  • Forward our emails to your contacts

  • Send out our text messages adding your name (It's (YOUR NAME) and continue with our weekly message

  • Organize with your friends and family to sign your school up to support the petition

  • Volunteer to be a Bus Captain for our Freedom Ride by registering at least 55 freedom riders to travel with us to deliver the signatures to Washington D.C.

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